Spark Liquid All Animals

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Spark Liquid All Animals

Brand: Vetafarm



Features & Benefits

Vetafarm Spark Liquid for All Animals is a high-quality, versatile veterinary electrolyte formulated to support the hydration needs of every pet owner’s precious animals. This exceptional product acts swiftly, ensuring optimal hydration for happy and healthy pets, even during high temperatures.

As an essential first aid resource, Spark Liquid offers essential support to animals recovering from surgery or illness, as well as during times of stress or transportation. The rapid-absorbing formula also provides an easily accessible energy source for emergency situations, ensuring the well-being of your pets.

  • Quick-acting for optimal hydration in various situations
  • Ideal for recovery from surgery, illness, or injury
  • Supports animals during times of stress and transport
  • Can be used as an emergency energy source
  • Appropriate for all animals and pet types

Usage Instructions

To use Vetafarm Spark Liquid, simply add 20mL to 1L of distilled water. Replace all other water sources with this solution and prepare fresh daily. It is advised to store the product below 30°C (room temperature) to ensure optimal effectiveness.

By choosing Vetafarm Spark Liquid for All Animals, pet owners can trust in the benefits of a high-quality, veterinary-grade electrolyte to support the hydration and overall health of their beloved pets.

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