Aviary Shell Grit 2.5kg

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Aviary Shell Grit 2.5kg

Brand: Whistler



Features & Benefits

Whistler Aviary Shell Grit is a premium quality product designed to support the overall health and wellbeing of birds. This carefully formulated 2.5kg shell grit provides essential calcium that contributes to improved eggshell production and aids in digestion.

Using natural Australian white shell grit, this product is perfect for all bird species. To provide the ultimate dining experience for your avian companions, simply place the aviary shell grit in a separate feed dish or sprinkle it over their foraging feed. Always ensure cool, fresh water is available alongside their food.

Presented in a long-lasting 2.5kg bucket, Whistler Aviary Shell Grit is not only an excellent choice for your feathered friends but also makes a thoughtful gift for fellow bird enthusiasts. To maintain product quality, store the bucket in a cool, dry place, safe from contamination and spoilage.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for bird health support
  • 2.5kg natural Australian premium white shell grit
  • Rich in calcium for optimal eggshell production
  • Aids in bird digestion
  • Easy to store and maintain

Choose Whistler Aviary Shell Grit for a top-quality nutritional supplement, enhancing the health and happiness of your avian pets.

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