Avian Delight Bar Fruity 100gm

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Avian Delight Bar Fruity 100gm

Brand: Wombaroo

Categories: Bird Food, Birds, Bird Treats



Features & Benefits

Wombaroo Avian Delight Bars offer an enticing and nutritious treat for pet birds, combining a delightful mix of seeds, nuts, and fruits. Each 100g Fruity Avian Delight Bar is designed to cate​r to your bird’s dietary needs, with added protein, vitamins, and calcium for optimal health.

These bars not only boast a delicious fruit mix that birds love, but they also incorporate mineralized shell grit, ensuring a well-rounded source of essential calcium. The unique combination of wholesome ingredients in the Wombaroo Avian Delight Bars supports the overall wellbeing and vitality of your feathered friends.

When you purchase a Wombaroo Avian Delight Bar Fruity 100g from Planet Pet, you can trust that you are providing your pet with a high-quality treat, backed by expertise and care from a leading brand in the pet industry. Treat your feathered companion to the best with Wombaroo Avian Delight Bars.

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