Champion Layer Premium Pellet 20kg

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In Stock

Champion Layer Premium Pellet 20kg

Brand: Barastoc



Introducing the Barastoc Champion Layer Premium Pellet, specifically designed to cater to the nutritional needs of laying hens. This 20kg premium pellet formulation ensures your hens receive a comprehensive and balanced diet, contributing to their optimal health and maximising egg production.

Features & Benefits

  • Nutritionally balanced formula to support consistent egg production
  • Fortified with limestone particles for robust eggshells
  • Fine milling process and pellet form reduces food waste

Planet Pet is proud to offer the Barastoc Champion Layer Premium Pellet, crafted by a leading name in pet products to maintain the well-being of laying hens while enhancing the quality of their eggs. Australian customers seeking outstanding value and expert guidance in pet care can trust Planet Pet for their poultry needs.

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