Premium Top Layer Mash 20kg

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Premium Top Layer Mash 20kg

Brand: Barastoc



Introducing Barastoc Premium Top Layer Mash

Barastoc Premium Top Layer Mash is a superior quality, nutritionally balanced poultry feed designed to enhance the performance and health of your backyard layers. Carefully formulated to promote egg production, this 20kg pack offers a nutritious and wholesome meal for your laying hens.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports optimal egg production and shell quality
  • Provides essential nutrients for overall health and vitality
  • Fine-textured, easy-to-digest mash
  • Formulated with top-quality grains and proteins

Barastoc’s expertise in animal nutrition ensures a premium, carefully balanced feed that empowers your hens to reach their peak performance. With essential vitamins and minerals, this top layer mash guarantees healthy growth and robust egg production, which is essential for any dedicated poultry keeper.

Give your backyard layers a high-quality, tasty feed to promote a healthy and productive flock. Choose Barastoc Premium Top Layer Mash 20kg, available at Planet Pet, and experience the difference in the success and well-being of your birds.

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