Laucke Red Hen Free Range 20kg

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In Stock

Laucke Red Hen Free Range 20kg

Brand: Laucke Mills



Features & Benefits

Experience the quality of Laucke Red Hen Free Range Layer, a high energy and premium poultry breeder and layer food that’s perfect for all types of breeding and laying poultry. This exceptional formula provides poultry with the nourishment necessary for peak production, fertility, and hatchability, meeting the demands of every poultry owner.

Laucke Red Hen Free Range Layer combines whole grains and essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, in a convenient micro-pellet form. The addition of vegetable oil and molasses creates a palatable and well-balanced meal that’s favoured by both breeders and pet owners alike.

Choose Laucke Red Hen Free Range Layer for a medication and meat-free diet. The absence of these items reduces the risk of contamination and ensures a wholesome and quality food source for your beloved feathered friends.


Available in a convenient 20kg size, the Laucke Red Hen Free Range Layer offers you great value that’s sure to last. Trust in Planet Pet, a trusted and recognisable leader in the Australian pet products industry, for all your poultry feeding needs.

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