PETERS Layer Pellets 4kg

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In Stock

PETERS Layer Pellets 4kg

Brand: Peters



Features & Benefits

Peters Layer Pellets are specially formulated to provide optimal nutrition for your egg-laying hens. Made with high-quality ingredients, these pellets are rich in protein, essential vitamins, and minerals, promoting healthy growth and development for your poultry.

Available in a convenient 4kg bag, Peters Layer Pellets offer a perfect balance of nutrients to meet the dietary needs of laying hens, helping to maintain their health and increase egg production. Giving your flock this special feed formula ensures they receive the necessary energy and nutrients to lay quality eggs consistently.

Not only do these pellets promote better-quality eggs with richer yolks, they can also help to improve the overall eggshell strength, leading to fewer damaged or cracked eggs. By choosing Peters Layer Pellets, you can trust that you are giving your chickens the best nutritional support they need to thrive and lay nutritious eggs for your family to enjoy.

Please note that Peters Layer Pellets are not available for customers located in Queensland.


  • 4kg bag

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