Laucke Red Hen Layer 20kg

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In Stock

Laucke Red Hen Layer 20kg

Brand: Laucke Mills

Categories: Chickens, Chicken Food



Features & Benefits

Laucke Red Hen Layer 20kg is an expertly-formulated premium feed designed for breeding and laying poultry. Packed with essential nutrients, this high-quality diet caters to both classes, ensuring optimal health, production and hatchability.

  • Specifically crafted for breeding and laying poultry
  • Enriched with essential proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Contributes to optimum fertility and high hatchability
  • Ideal for promoting overall health and productivity

Providing your poultry with proper nutrition has never been easier, thanks to Laucke Mills' expert knowledge and industry experience. With Laucke Red Hen Layer 20kg, you can expect your birds to achieve their full potential whilst remaining healthy and productive in the long run. Trust Planet Pet and Laucke Mills to give your poultry the best care possible.

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