Sand Sheets 7pk 30x23cm

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Sand Sheets 7pk 30x23cm

Brand: Penn Plax



Rediscover bird cage hygiene with the **Penn Plax Sand Sheets**, now available in a convenient 7-pack of 30x23cm sheets. These specially designed sandpaper sheets are meant to be placed at the bottom of bird cages, improving cleanliness, birds' health, and reducing maintenance hassles for the pet owner.

Features & Benefits

Loaded with crushed sea shells, these sand sheets pack an extra dose of calcium that contributes to the healthy development of birds' claws while also functioning as a claw trimmer. Hard-billed birds, in particular, benefit from the inbuilt grit, which aids in their digestion.

Apart from assisting with claw and beak maintenance, the Penn Plax Sand Sheets enhance cage sanitation, as they are disposable and easy to clean. Frequent sheet replacement significantly lowers the risk of health issues resulting from poor hygiene.

Loading, Cleaning, and Replacement

Installing the sand sheets is a breeze. Simply lay one flat at the bottom of the bird cage and you’re good to go. When it comes time to clean, remove the sheet and replace it with a fresh one. Consistency in changing the sheets will help ensure a high standard of sanitation, benefiting both the pet and the owner.

Rely on the expertise of Penn Plax and trust in the superior quality of their sand sheets to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your feathered friends.

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