You & Me Chicken Barn with Run

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In Stock

You & Me Chicken Barn with Run

Brand: YOU & ME



The “You and Me Chicken Barn with Run” is a perfect blend of function and style, designed to provide your chickens with a safe, comfortable, and spacious living environment. The barn features a large attached run with an easy-access ramp, allowing your chickens to roam freely while being protected from predators. The waterproof asphalt roof ensures that your chickens stay dry and protected from the elements.

Features & Benefits

  • Large, easy-access door for convenience
  • Private laying box for added comfort
  • Protection from predators for added safety
  • Enclosed area for shelter
  • Built with durable wood and iron wire for longevity


1143mmH x 1975mmW x 1318mmD, providing ample space for your feathered friends to thrive and flourish.

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