Lucky Layer 20kg

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In Stock

Lucky Layer 20kg

Brand: Coprice



Features & Benefits

Coprice Lucky Layer is a high-quality, complete and balanced feed specifically designed to cater to the daily nutritional needs of hens. Carefully formulated to promote optimal health and productivity, this premium 20kg feed is entirely vegetarian and made from all-natural ingredients.

With its unique recipe free of added hormones and antibiotics, Lucky Layer ensures that your hens receive the essential nutrients they require without any unwanted substances. This focus on purity and safety fosters a healthier flock and contributes to more delicious, wholesome eggs – making it the ideal choice for both the conscious consumer and their beloved pets.

By choosing Lucky Layer, customers can trust in the expertise of Coprice, a renowned and respected brand in the pet products industry. This Australian-made feed is an exceptional choice for supporting the well-being of your hens while experiencing the reliable service and professionalism offered by Planet Pet.

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