Sand Sheets 7-pack

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Sand Sheets 7-pack

Brand: Penn Plax



Product Overview

Discover the benefits of Penn Plax Sand Sheets, designed to enhance your bird’s living environment and simplify the cage cleaning process for pet owners. These sand sheets are perfect for use in any bird cage, ensuring a clean and well-maintained habitat that encourages optimal bird health.

Features & Benefits

  • High-quality sand sheets made from aggregated sea shells, providing essential calcium to maintain healthy beaks
  • Helps to naturally trim bird claws and beaks, reducing the need for manual grooming
  • Assists with digestion by providing the necessary grit for birds with hard bills
  • Disposable and easy-to-use, promoting enhanced sanitation within the cage
  • Regular sheet replacement recommended for optimal cleanliness


Each Penn Plax Sand Sheet measures 43 x 28cm, making them suitable for bird cages of various sizes.

Purchasing these Penn Plax Sand Sheets from Planet Pet ensures you’re getting top-quality, reliable pet products from a trusted Australian brand. Make cage maintenance stress-free and improve your bird’s overall well-being today!

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