Fibre Right Guinea Pig Food

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Fibre Right Guinea Pig Food

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Features & Benefits

Peters Fibre Right Guinea Pig Food is a premium animal food designed specifically for guinea pigs. Crafted from high-quality Timothy Hay, this exceptional blend provides the essential fibres needed for a guinea pig’s optimal digestive health. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it also contains stabilized Vitamin C, an essential nutrient for guinea pigs, which supports overall health and well-being.

Through a meticulous extrusion process, each piece in the Fibre Right mix is shaped and sized to promote natural chewing activity. This helps to wear down a guinea pig’s constantly growing teeth and ensures their healthy dental maintenance. Moreover, the extrusion process also retains the nutritive value of the ingredients, making it a perfect choice for guinea pigs of all ages and activity levels.

Planet Pet is committed to providing customers in Australia with the best quality pet products. As a trusted and well-recognised industry expert, we understand your pet’s needs and strive to deliver the most comprehensive selection of products to enhance your pet’s well-being. Choose the Peters Fibre Right Guinea Pig Food for a complete and balanced diet, essential to the happiness and health of your guinea pig.

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